Common Myths And Misconceptions About Sexual Assaults And Violence

For the most part, there are two ways for an individual to become directly involved in a sexual assault or violence- that is, either being the victim or the actor. The victim is the person who is sexually violated or claiming to be sexually violated while the actor is the person accused of the violation. The victim would want justice to take its course in a legal process while the actor would defend themselves to avoid a stain on their records or being thrown into jail. The severity of crime is measured in the terms of degree and this system factors what consequences comes with a crime. Some cases may even  put an actor behind bar for life.

What is sexual assault?

Using intimidation, coercion and threat to get somebody into sex or making unwanted sexual advancement toward a them, also known as sexual harassment is termed as sexual assault. It is used to describe a situation whereby the actor obtains or tries to obtain sex from the victim without the victim’s consent.

Common Myths And Misconceptions About Sexual Assaults And Violence

From places to places and institutions to institution, there would probably be slight difference in how the term is defined. There are several reasons beyond me for the disparity. However, the definitions all point to in the same direction, unwanted sex (rape) or sexual activities such as groping of a victim’s intimate parts. Fingering or using objects on the genital part of a victim is also termed as rape.

As much as criminal sexual conduct is pretty common, it begs a lot of questions considering the fact that it involves some myths which a good count of folks are not really clear about. Here are some of the myths associated with an assault.

The rape misconception

Most folks would want to see a rape case as somebody being coerced into sex- that is, obtaining sex from a person without their volition. There is much more to that; getting sex from somebody who is unconscious or mentally unstable is also considered rape, especially if it is non-consensual.

You can’t opt out

As a matter fact, from beginning to the end, sex should be agreed upon by the parties involved. For that, even in the middle of it, a party has the right to opt out if they deem necessary. A party is expected to opt in and out when they deem fit for the fact that he or she has the right to opt in and out for sex. Denying the request of somebody to opt out of sex is considered as a violation.

Only women fall victims

That is a big myth. Men get raped. Only that when you do the measuring, you would figure out that women are being raped more than their male counterparts. One fifth of college girls in America experience assaults of different sorts while one out of thirty-three men suffer the same course.

Final note

Criminal sexual conduct is severe crime that comes several consequences and punishment. It could also leave some blotches on your record for life. That being the case, don’t play with one. If you ever get involved, consider using a good sexual assault attorney that is versed in sexual assault legal arrangements.

How Do You Tell If You Have Andropause and Need Testosterone Treatment?

Symptoms commonly experienced by men would include

  • Mood disturbance – increase agitation, depressed mood
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Reduced sex drive or libido or loss of vigour
  • Difficulty attaining an erection
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Hot flushes
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle and joint pains

You shouldn’t have to live with these symptoms and it SHOULD NOT be accepted as the norm of aging in Men. Come on Men, Stop suffering in silence and get yourself tested for low testosterone if you feel you have some of the above symptoms.

Testosterone Treatment

Testing for low testosterone is simple.

Key things to note about testosterone testing

  • It is a blood test
  • Must be done ideally between 9am to 11am when testosterone is at its peak
  • Done together with another blood test called SHBG
    • SHBG is a protein that binds testosterone. If its levels are high then there is lesser free testosterone left behind resulting in testosterone deficiency.

If your total testosterone level s are < 8nmol/L, then treatment with testosterone replacement is initiated. Sometimes cases with borderline levels of testosterone between 8nmol/L -12nmol/L, can also be given a trial of testosterone treatment. Well, some men simply function at a slightly higher baseline level of testosterone.

Is testosterone treatment available in Singapore?

Testosterone treatment in Singapore comes in many forms. There are tablets, gels that are applied to the skin and injectables given as a deep intramuscular injection.

Testosterone treatment in the form of: TABLETS

  • These tablets have to be taken daily. Due to the availability now of better preparations of testosterone, the tablets are no longer the preferred choice for testosterone treatment.

Testosterone treatment in the form of: GELS

  • A commonly used brand is Androgel. These have to be applied to the skin daily. The gels can only be rubbed on certain areas of the skin.

Testosterone treatment in the form of: INJECTABLES

  • These injections are given once every 12 weeks or once every 3 months. A commonly used brand is Nebido.

Sometimes in conjunction with replacing testosterone, your doctors might use a drug called Arimidex. Arimidex is an aromatase inhibitor that stops the conversion of testosterone to estrogen(predominant female hormone). With the use of Arimidex, testosterone is not broken down hence its levels are increased. These medications can be used concurrently with direct testosterone hormone replacement.

If you are considering Testosterone Treatment in Singapore, first consult your doctor to ensure that the testosterone deficiency is not related to problems of the

  1. Pituitary/hypothalamus
    1. the Master glands of the brain that controls several hormone levels in our body
  2. Testicles
    1. Testicular tumours
    2. Cryptochordism – undescended testes
    3. Testicular infection
    4. Kleinfelters Syndrome

As these above medical problems are treated very differently hence making it pivotal to identify the cause of the testosterone deficiency.

Consultation for issues concerning testosterone deficiency and testosterone treatment can be done at any one of our ‘Dr Tan And Partners’ branches in Singapore.

Give us a ring or drop us an e-mail if you require any clarifications or appointments for issues concerning testosterone treatment in Singapore.

Virectin Reviews: How I Achieved Massive Enhancement Results

Sexual dysfunctions in men are much more common than many people think. The fact that men are usually not open to discussing these particular problems is one particular problem that is causing a lot of men experiencing problems in their sex lives to feel alone and afraid to speak out about their problems, yet millions of men do suffer from these conditions. From erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation to problems with a man’s libido and stamina during sex; these problems can impair a man’s ability to satisfy his partner in the bedroom and even lead to detrimental effects in his relationship.

What men need to realize is that the problems they do face in the bedroom can usually be treated successfully, but the first step to overcoming these conditions is to face the fact that they are having trouble in the bedroom and to seek help. A visit to a doctor’s office can help the man identify particular areas in his life that may be causing him to experience the particular symptoms that are making his life harder. This can then lead to the treatment of the condition he is experiencing, which can help him restore his sexual abilities and get back to satisfying his partner.

One particular reason why men may not seek out medical attention to help them treat their sexual dysfunction is that numerous side-effects have been reported by men who have been placed on Viagra and some of the other commonly prescribed medication used to treat these conditions. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to deal with sexual dysfunctions in a more discreet manner.

In this article, we’ll specifically focus on a supplement called Virectin, and discuss how this supplement may come in handy when trying to overcome the dreadful effects that sexual dysfunctions may have in a man’s life. This supplement combines some of the most powerful natural ingredients that help men improve in several areas that are important for optimum performance during sex, and even have benefits that will improve a man’s performance during day-to-day activities.

Problems That Men Experience During Sex

Some different problems can affect a man’s performance during sexual intercourse. Amongst these problems are a few sexual dysfunctions that have a direct effect on the man’s abilities in the bedroom, as well as general health concerns that cause sexual problems as a symptom. It is important to become educated about all of these conditions for a man to better understand why they might be experiencing certain issues during sex, and also to help them identify particular health concerns or possible dysfunctions that might be suffering from.

The majority of men experiences an episode where they are unable to have a full erection during sex at least once in their lifetime. This may even happen from time to time. In such a case, it is usually not necessary to become worried about the impairment in an erectile function that happens at infrequent intervals. If a man faces these problems more often, however, then it is a good idea to see a doctor as he may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Another very common problem that a large number of men experience is premature ejaculation. This condition often affects younger men and is often caused by inexperience and anxiety, but can also be caused by guilty feelings, depression, stress and a problematic relationship. Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may also experience premature ejaculation – when they can get an erection, they might speed up sexual intercourse to make sure they do not lose their erection before they ejaculation.

A lot of men also experience a lack of or a low libido. Libido refers to the man’s sexual desire – the higher the libido, the more the man wants to have sex. When libido is on the low side, however, the man does not feel like having sex most of the time. This can have a lot of complications for his relationship, as well as for his own sex life. A man with low libido may also find that when they do participate in sexual intercourse, they could become uninterested and even lose their erection during sex.

How Common Sexual Dysfunctions In Men Are Treated

Millions of men can attest to the fact that sexual dysfunctions are certainly unpleasant and disruptive. Fortunately, medical scientists have developed several treatment options that can be administered to men who are having problems getting or sustaining an erection during sex, those who are experiencing premature or delayed ejaculations, and sometimes even to those who are facing other particular issues with their sex lives.

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, Healthline explains that a medical professional will seek the underlying cause that is leading to the erectile function impairments a man is experiencing. This could be depression or an anxiety disorder, or a physical cause such as restricted arteries, high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. The medical professional will then treat any potential underlying causes identified during further examinations to help the man overcome erectile dysfunction.

Some medications are also available to treat erectile dysfunction directly. These include Stendra, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Caverject, and Androderm.

With premature ejaculation, it is found that the condition tends to improve on its own. Should treatment be required, a medical professional will often first suggest relaxation techniques or for the patient to practice distraction methods that could assist them in overcoming premature ejaculation. According to WebMD, many lifestyle changes, including quitting tobacco and alcohol use, can have a considerable impact on improving a man’s ejaculatory control.

The Problem With Conventional Treatment Methods For Male Sexual Dysfunctions

A lot of men have been successfully treated for the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and have regained their normal erectile function. Similarly, a large number of men have been able to overcome the complications of other sexual dysfunctions and health conditions that cause problems with their sex lives. Unfortunately, for some men, taking the pharmaceutical approach is not the most appropriate method of treating their conditions, however. Many of the pharmaceutical drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunction and other associated health problems can cause some different side-effects that can have quite a significant impact on the man’s life in some cases.

How Natural Supplements Can Help Men Overcome Common Sexual Dysfunctions

Since pharmaceutical products utilized to treat sexual dysfunctions often causes a significant number of adverse effects among users, men often turn toward alternative options when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, a low libido, a lack of stamina and other particular problems they may be facing in the bedroom.

Amongst the numerous alternative methods available to men, there is a large number of natural supplements, each claiming to help men improve the size and firmness of their erections, while also boosting stamina, endurance, and energy. Many of these supplements also claim to provide an aphrodisiac effect in the male body; thus allowing men to become more aroused during sexual intercourse and foreplay due to a boost in libido.

Today, we want to focus on one specific supplement named Virectin. Virectin is an all-natural supplement that utilizes vitamins, minerals, herbs and plant extracts to assist with treating some common problems related to a man’s sexual performance and abilities without causing them to turn toward pharmaceutical products that might cause them to experience side-effects. Let’s look at some important information regarding Virectin, the safety information about Virectin and look at other facts that men should know before they decide to buy this supplement.

What You Should Know About Virectin

First, let’s start by looking at some important information that men should know about Virectin. As we have explained already, Virectin is a natural supplement that promised to provide men a significant improvement in their overall sexual performance. The supplement consists of only natural ingredients that do not have the same chemical structure or effects as pharmaceutical drugs, but can still offer the male user the ability to improve several areas in their sex life that may be lacking at the moment.

Virectin is a high-strength formula that has been developed by Gentopia Laboratories. The team behind this product consist of experts in the field of medical research and male sexual health, and the formula introduced through the Virectin supplement is based on some of the most recent scientific research that has been conducted to determine how extracts of natural origins can be useful in the treatment of erection problems and other particular issues that men are prone to experience, especially as they become older.

What Sexual Problems Does Virectin Help With?

Quite a large number of natural male enhancement supplements that are currently available on the market tend only to provide support for specific problems related to male sexual health. This can be somewhat disadvantageous for a man who is finding that he faces more than one sex-related problem in the bedroom. In such a case, the man might have to opt for two or more supplements to help them regain their abilities.

Instead of delivering ingredients that are only useful in the treatment of a single set of sexual problems, Virectin rather utilizes a wide range of different natural ingredients that can attend to a large variety of issues that can affect a man’s sexual performance, erectile function and other abilities related to his sexual health.

In particular, Virectin can provide men with a natural approach to treating the following conditions:

  • Problems are gaining or sustaining a rigid erection that is hard enough for the man to penetrate his partner to a satisfactory level.
  • Low endurance and stamina levels that might impair the man’s ability to last for an adequate amount of time to thoroughly experience a satisfactory amount of pleasure himself, and not enough time to truly satisfy his partner in bed.
  • Reduced sensitivity during sexual intercourse, which might cause satisfaction levels to be reduced during sex.
  • A reduction in libido, which may cause the man to become less interested in participating in sexual intercourse with his partner.

How Effective Is Virectin As A Male Enhancement Supplement?

Determining the effectiveness of a supplement like Virectin is an important part of the research a man should conduct before he decides to make a purchase. Since this supplement is utilized to assist with helping men eliminate issues they are facing when they are trying to have sex, it becomes even more important for a man to first conduct some research and find out whether this supplement may help them in the particular problems they need help with.

Fortunately, when it comes to Virectin, it does seem like most men find the supplement useful in relieving symptoms related to all of the most common sex-related issues found amongst men. The list of ingredients that are found in Virectin can also be consulted to identify the potential effectiveness of the product and to determine if the product may not be as effective as the manufacturer claims it to be.

Virectin does include a long list of natural ingredients, each with a particular purpose to serve in the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions. Some of the most important ingredients include:

  • Selenium – Included for its ability to improve the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone, as well as to assist with the regulation of sperm production.
  • Avena Sativa –Included for its aphrodisiac properties, which helps to increase the libido of the male user.
  • Fenugreek –Included for its ability to boost a man’s sex drive and to enhance both stamina and endurance; thus causing the man to last longer while participating in sexual activities.
  • Cnidium Monnieri – Included for its positive effect on a man’s endurance, which helps them last during sex without becoming weak and tired, or experiencing fatigue. Cnidium Monnieri may also help to make a man’s erection more rigid.
  • Mucuna Pruriens –Included for its ability to enhance stamina during sexual activity and to elevate levels of satisfaction experienced while having sex.
  • L-Arginine HCL – Included for its ability to help blood vessels relax and to improve blood circulation in the user’s body. This effect causes the penis to become harder during an erection – and makes it easier for a man to become erect in the first place.
  • Zinc –Included for its ability to assist with regulating the production of testosterone, which may help to increase testosterone levels in the body where a man is deficient in both testosterone and zinc.
  • Tribulus Terrestris –Included for its ability to increase the man’s sex drive and also contribute to higher energy levels and better stamina while the man is having sex.

How To Use Virectin To Fight Against Common Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Virectin is a daily support supplement that has been developed to provide a man with all the ingredients his body requires to experience an improvement in his general abilities in the bedroom. While Viagra and some supplements are taken a couple of minutes before the man would like to participate in sexual intercourse, Virectin is rather taken on a daily basis at a time that is convenient for the user. Some men have found that they experience more benefits when taking the supplements before sexual intercourse, but this is not essential for the product to work effectively in the male body. More specific usage instructions can be found on the container of the Virectin supplements, which will help a man determine when the best time would be for them to take the supplement every day.

Is Virectin Safe For Daily Use?

Since Virectin is used on a daily basis, a lot of potential customers may wonder whether or not this supplement is safe to be used every day and whether it may cause any unpleasant side-effects in their body. The general thought about natural supplements is that they are free of any side-effects due to the natural origin of their ingredients – most natural supplements also tend to make this particular claim on their website and the product’s label. It is, however, important to note that side-effects can still occur with natural ingredients. Yohimbe is an excellent example of a natural ingredient that can cause numerous adverse effects.

Fortunately, Virectin does not include any particular ingredients that have been associated with serious side-effects. Some people that use the product may experience a complication if they are taking certain medication. For example, Fenugreek affects levels of blood sugar present in the human body. Thus, when combining Virectin supplements with medication meant to treat diabetes, a user may find that their blood sugar levels drop too low. Individuals who are using pharmaceutical drugs to lower their blood pressure might also find that their blood pressure drops too low when combining Virectin with such medication.

Additionally, it is important to mention that allergic reactions can be experienced when taking natural substances. Thus, any man who is interested in using Virectin should take a look at the list of ingredients in this product and ensure they are not allergic to any of these ingredients.

How Much Does Virectin Cost?

Many people find that Virectin is the most affordable male enhancement supplement on the market. The number of ingredients found in Virectin is often only found in the more expensive male enhancement supplements that can be found on the market, yet Virectin costs less than $50 for a 30-day supply. The company offers three different packages for their customers:

  • Starter Package – The Starter Package is perfect for any man who would like to give Virectin a try without spending too much money on a product they are not entirely sure will work. The starter package only includes one unit of Virectin. This offers the man a 30-day supply of the supplement. The Starter Package will cost the customer $44.95 plus an additional shipping fee, which will be added to the checkout process.
  • Power Package –The Power Package is good for those who have used Virectin before or would like to use it for a couple of months to see how the product works for them. This package includes a four-month supply of Virectin. The Power Package will cost the customer a total of $179.80. This package comes with free shipping.
  • Preferred Package –The Preferred Package is perfect for any man who would like a decent supply of Virectin to ensure they do not run out of this supplement when they need it most. This package comes with a five-month supply of the supplement and also an additional free tube of Vazogel, another product by the same manufacturer that helps to improve erections in just a few moments. The Preferred Package will cost the customer a total of $224.75 and also comes with free shipping.

Customers who are buying Virectin for the first time can enjoy a 10% off their order when they use the promotional code “REV10” during the checkout process. In addition to this coupon code, Virectin also frequently offers additional promotions. Logging on to their website frequently will allow customers to stay updated with the latest specials and promotions offered by the brand.

How Can You Buy Virectin?

Now that we have discussed the price of Virectin let’s take a quick look at how customers can buy this natural male enhancement supplement. Buying Virectin is not possible from any physical vendors, which means a man cannot visit their local pharmacy or health store to buy Virectin. The product can be purchased directly from the official website of the product, which can be accessed by going to The process is quite simple – start by choosing a package, complete a short form, enter your shipping details and pay for your order.

Final Words

A lot of men experience symptoms of sexual dysfunctions that cause disruptions in their ability to have sex. Erectile dysfunction causes impairments with the man’s ability to have a normal erection, ejaculatory disorders cause problems with his ejaculatory control, and a loss of libido makes the man less likely to want to participate in sexual intercourse. All of these dysfunctions can impact a man’s life significantly, yet a large number of men are not seeking appropriate treatment to help them overcome their troubles in the bedroom.

Treatments for sexual dysfunctions can be somewhat invasive and cause unpleasant adverse effects; thus we have focused on providing essential information about how men can overcome their problems in the bedroom without necessarily seeking out medical intervention or turning toward pharmaceutical drugs to assist with the treatment of the conditions they may be suffering from. Virectin, as we have discussed here, offers men numerous advantages when it comes to their sexual performance, and also provides aid in the man’s everyday life.

Everything you need to know about PCT test

PCT or Post Coital test is the leading fertility test which helps to find the case of infertility. The test is also addressed as Huhner Test or Sims Test to examine interaction between the mucus of cervix and sperm. The test is done when one is closer to ovulation. It is during this time that mucus is in abundance. Before the test, the couple is asked to indulge in sexual activity in the morning hours. After 2-3 hours, the woman is tested for fertility. It can speak a lot about one’s fertility. The medical professional examines the woman and during the time mucus is extracted from woman’s cervical canal and is then spread on the glass slide. If there are 50 or more than 50 motile sperms, then the person is normal. If there is any antispermal antibody, the sperm will appear shaky. During the PCT test, cervical mucus is evaluated for its viscosity, quality and fern test.

What is the Post Coital Test all about?

‘Coital’ is the term which is associated with coitus or sexual intercourse. The test is conducted to evaluate interaction of mucus and sperm, as already stated. For anyone to attain conception, the proper interaction between mucus and sperm is necessary. If there is any problem or delay in conception, the test is prescribed. For most of the doctors the test is mandatory to perform whenever there is a problem in conceiving. The test is age old and gives accurate results. The test is carried out to get rid of cervical-related abnormality. If the mucus and sperm are unable to interact due to the presence of anti-spermal antibody to inhibit this interaction, the treatment begins immediately. Indeed, the test is prescribed after other tests are done to suggest that the woman is ovulating well and the semen of male is normal.

How the test is performed?

Just like CPK test is carried out to examine the level of Creatine Phospho Kinase enzyme in the blood, post coital test is carried out to detect cervical related abnormality. What matters here is the timing of the test. The results of the test, its accuracy are dependent on it. If the test is carried out much before or much after ovulation, it will not be valid. The test has to be done within a few hours of ovulation. The maximum time limit may be 24 hours and not more than 24 hours of ovulation.

To get the most accurate results, it should be done within 4-5 hours of coitus. It is required to have intercourse during ovulation or else the test will be invalid. But, prior to the test, the couple must avoid having sexual intercourse for at least 3 days.

The steps adopted for the test

Physical examination of female partner takes place with the use of speculum. A small quantity of cervical mucus is extracted from cervix of female and is then sent for testing. This sort of test will not cause any problem to the female. The PCT is carried out along with pelvic ultrasound. It ensures that the test is done exactly during ovulation. This cervical mucus is examined under the microscope and the quality is assessed along with sperm motility, its quantity and similar aspects. If the sperm motility is within the normal range and the cervical mucus has normal quality, the report is normal.

Whether it is PCT or liver functioning test, they may now be done right at the comfort of your home.

Building Sexual Tension: The Art Of Flirting

Sexual tension is defined as a social phenomenon which occurs when two people interact and one or both parties feel sexual desire, but foreplay or consummation was delayed or denied. It can occur between co-workers or friends who decided not to have sex for personal or career reasons. It can also occur between close friends who deliberately deny the feelings they have in order to save their friendship from awkwardness.

Sexual tension can also happen between couples who are in a long-distance relationship. For those who are casually dating, it is important to create sexual tension through flirting in order to determine if there would be physical (and even emotional) chemistry. Additionally, sexual tension cannot be measured through an empirical analysis, rather it is knowing and listening to your body signals and opening up to possibilities.

Attraction plays a vital role in building sexual tension. Attraction can be biological in nature, but is also a psychological one, which can be fostered through flirting. However, flirting also depends on the context on where it happened. For example, chances are flirting is socially expected in bars and events; but is inappropriate in the academic setting.

To be successful in building sexual tension and chemistry (in the long run), one must avoid wrong beliefs about sexuality. First, if you have low self-esteem about your body, chances are you would not be able to flirt successfully. One should also avoid thinking that showing sexual interest would make you look cheap or less valuable. Lastly, believing that sex is disgraceful rather than a normal phenomenon would lessen your chances in fostering chemistry.

It is undeniable that life can be boring if you have not experienced sexual tension for it is the gateway in understanding your own sexuality. Sexual tension would also help you unlock new opportunities and meet amazing sexual partner/s.


While sexual tension can be nerve-wracking, do not let it show adamantly. The issue with showing nervousness is that it can be a turn off. The other party might interpret it as a lack of self-esteem. Also, avoid being too aggressive and creepy during the process as to not end up assaulting or raping the person you’re attracted to. Instead, build sexual tension in a friendly manner and be sensitive of your partner’s boundaries. For men, it is important to understand the arousal of women takes time and effort; if you want her to feel sexual, build anticipation slowly. Moreover, keep the conversation fun and sexy without sounding too cocky and dirty. It may be tricky in doing so, though.

3 Signs that What You Are Experiencing Is Sexual Harassment

In today’s environment, sexual harassment happens all too often. Depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is, you may notice sexcual harassment all around you. It happens in the workplace, at the gym, in the grocery store, and while you are out on the town in the evening. Everywhere you go you are left in a situation to be harassed sexually. It can be hard to determine what is harassment and what is just someone being friendly sometimes. In today’s world you need to be on your toes and aware of when someone is pushing things too far and get help if it is getting out of hand. There are three signs that what just happened to you was in fact sexual harassment.


One of the easiest questions to ask yourself about what has occurred would be ‘Would this be okay in front of my boss?’ If you do not feel as though your boss, your parent, your partner, or anyone else in a similar situation would be okay with what had occurred it is probably sexual harassment. Imagine these people standing by when the act happened to you. Would they stand by without saying anything? Would they want to reprimand the person? Would someone lose their job if their boss saw? If any of these questions are answered with yes you have probably been sexually harassed.

This is a great way to determine if it was someone being genuine or if it was someone being gross. Because we are being reprogrammed to be so careful about what we say and do, sometime things that people genuinely said out of care and thoughtfulness can make us a little bit uneasy. Ask yourself the above questions, you will probably not answer yes to most of them.


How did you feel following the encounter? Did you feel embarrassed suddenly and like you needed to get out of wherever you were? If the person made you feel inferior and like they were above you, it is likely that they were sexually harassing you. Often times, peoples reaction is to run rather than stand up for themselves when they are truly being harassed. If you find yourself wanting to take the flight reaction you have probably been sexually harassed and you need to find someone to report it to.


The definite sign of sexual harassment would be when someone chooses to make you feel the same way more than once. Does the same type of situation continue to occur? Were you initially unsure if the person was just being awkward and said something that came across odd or if they were intentionally wanting to make you feel the way they did? If the behavior happens more than one time it is definitely not someone just being awkward. Repetition is one of the clearest signs of harassment. People find joy and power in harassing others. If they continue to come back for more you need to find help quickly. Whether you find it in your employer, an attorney, or a family member, you need to be sure to report the behavior to someone.

Sexual harassment is a real problem that can not be ignored. In fact, the steps that have been taken towards stopping harassment over the last few years are making a very big difference already. The more we stand up for ourselves and make it known that the behavior is not okay the sooner we will be able to get rid of it all together.

What Exactly Is Marriage Counselling

Today, it is already well-known that marriage is not a simple task and requires many changes, toronto marriage counselling adjustments to new roles, and the setting of boundaries towards families of origin. In contemporary society, it seems that this task is even more difficult, since we do not have a predetermined, socially and culturally imposed, in order for a marriage to look, as was the case in the earlier years when the young married with a clear idea of what they are waiting for them in such a community. All this leads to a lot of confusion among those who decide to marry, but also in the case of married couples, who in time encounter difficulties in solving these and many other tasks, since they are not resolved “once for all” they need to be resolved continuously.


Marital therapy is psychotherapy for couples with difficulties in communicating with each other, frequent disagreements, conflicts and tensions, which then lead to dissatisfaction with partnership relations becoming the dominant feeling in a partnership relationship. In addition, steam therapy is also intended for those who feel that they are moving away, that their relationship becomes different, and that which they never wanted to be, as well as all couples who need to change something in their relationship. The therapy of couples is, finally, the choice for all those who have experienced serious experiences such as chronic jealousy or adultery, frequent / chronic or intense conflicts, difficulties in the field of sexual functioning, physical, sexual or verbal violence, or the dependence of one of the partners .


In accordance with the above, the process of marital psychotherapy provides the spouses with the opportunity to differentiate their relationship and the difficulties they encounter and the possible symptoms that trigger the therapy. It happens that partners are listening, but they are not heard. The basic goal of psychotherapy is precisely that – partners learn to hear each other, but also themselves, and to gain insight into how their partner sees a particular situation. After gaining insight into the spouse’s reference frame, it becomes easier for partners to understand each other. Thus, each of the partners becomes more sensitive to the needs of the other and more willing to respond to them in an adequate way. Through the process of treatment, their relationship becomes more readily available to deal with the difficulties they are facing, as well as the future difficulties. The task of the therapist is to assist the couple in this, to look at them with a perspective from multiple perspectives and to allow them to find alternative behaviors that would be useful to overcome the difficulties, disagreements or symptoms they encounter.


Marital therapy takes place in the form of a confidential talk of a psychotherapist or a co-operative couple with partners, mainly through a series of joined sessions (exceptionally with each partner separately). The process involves a meeting cycle in an interval of one time per week or twice a month with the aim of re-establishing better relationships, resolving current partnership issues and improving the quality of the marital relationship.

What Do Your Sex Toys Say About You? (In Data)

We live in a day and age where practically everything is connected to the internet – from smart umbrellas that send alerts to your phone if you lose them, to breathalyzers that transmit your blood alcohol level to your Twitter account – the world has become a weird place my friend. So naturally, an Internet-enabled sex toy that can be controlled with a smartphone app doesn’t sound strange at all, it’s even a neat idea. But Standard Innovation, the manufacturer of the app-enabled We-Vibe faced some controversy this month, when a woman from Chicago sued the company for collecting and transmitting her personal information without her consent. This includes her name, email address, and even the vibration settings she used.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, the woman (identified only as N.P.) filed a lawsuit in a Chicago federal court just a few days ago. She seeks class action status for, as she puts it “ten thousands” of users, whose private data was taken without consent by the Canadian manufacturer in violation of the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute and the Federal Wiretap Act. The woman bought the device for $130 in May, and used it on several occasions, but was never informed that Standard information was monitoring her activities and collecting data. The vibrator allows users to customize their experience by playing around with the settings on the corresponding application, and it also comes with a feature that enables the users to connect to another person’s phone and allow them control the settings. Before the scandal, the CBC declared that the vibrator was “an international success story for Ottawa”.

Again, while this may sound surprising to you, some people won’t bat an eyelash, because companies’ ability to collect, store and in some cases even sell information is nothing new. This May, while Miss N.P. was excitingly buying her smart vibrator, two Danish researchers released a dataset of around 70,000 OkCupid users, which included names, ages, locations, and sexual preferences of all of those users. But this is not the only thing you might have to think about before you visit your favorite adult store again. Most of us are afraid of hackers, and for a good reason, no one wants to have their privacy violated – what if we told you that cyber intruder might be able to take over your sex toys?

Earlier this year, at the technology expo CeBIT in Germany, the security firm Trend Micro demonstrated live on stage how they were able to successfully hack an Internet-enabled vibrator. After a couple of clicks and lines of code, Trend Micro’s chief tech officer Raimund Genes managed to switch the sizable pink toy on. In an interview with the Daily Dot, the company’s spokesman Udo Schneider explained that most web-enabled devices nowadays don’t have any security measures, and the presentation was meant to show how easy it is to hack any given “smart object”. So the next time you go out shopping for a new sex toy, it is perhaps better to go for a good, old-fashioned battery-powered vibrator, instead of the one that connects to the web, even if the advertisement says it will prepare you breakfast in bed afterwards. Hey, you don’t want your orgasms to become a subject of market research, do you?

Understanding Sex Addiction and Finding the Path to Freedom

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Sex addiction, sometimes referred to as hypersexual disorder, is an issue that impacts many people in the United States and all over the world. While a healthy sex life is important for most adults, individuals dealing with sex addiction are not able to have entirely normal interactions with sexual fantasy or situations. That’s why many need to turn to sex addiction treatment programs to change the way they think about sex and interact with others.

Admitting to being a sex addict is difficult for many people, but it is a problem that is no different than any other type of addiction. Of course, how it is treated is often quite different, and the underlying reasons you have developed a sex addiction may be different.

In some cases, individuals who develop a sex addiction over time may also have other addictive behaviors or patterns in their life. In many cases, you’ll need to sort those out alongside sex addition treatment.

It can be scary to change your life, but beating a sex addiction is possible. Use this guide to learn more about hypersexual disorder and how the right treatment programs can help you regain a healthy day to day life and relationship with sex.


understanding sex addiction can be difficult for many people since it takes on a variety of forms. The most common form of sex addiction is seeking out multiple sexual encounters in a short period of time. While it’s a highly personal issue, sex addicts all spend a great deal of time in their lives devoted to sex, finding sex, or having sex. Some addicts may also use fantasy or pornography instead of having sex with a partner.

While sex is a pleasurable thing for many people, and an important part of intimacy for couples, addicts can suffer greatly when they’re in the throes of addiction. Many may also put themselves in harm’s way to find or have sex, risking their health or personal safety to satisfy an addiction.


It’s a common belief that to be a sex addict you must be having sex on a regular basis. While some sex addicts do have frequent sexual encounters with one or more individuals in their lives, this is not always the way sex addiction manifests itself. For some people, sexual fantasies play just as big of a role in addiction and problematic before.

For example, an individual may be focused primarily one on fantasy or sexual idea that makes it hard to have functional encounters with a spouse or partner. This can lead to problems in relationships and make sex a sticking point in both people’s lives. Some people may not be able to have sexual encounters because of idealized versions of sex they’ve developed in their minds on a fantasy basis.

Pornography is also a growing part of sex addiction for many people. The use of pornographic images may not be a problem for everyone, but addicts tend to take this behavior to the extreme. Many individuals who develop a sex addiction to pornography neglect real-life sexual encounters or spend an inordinate amount of time looking at it.

If sexual fantasies or ideas are taking hold of your life, it is possible to change your thoughts and behavior. You can obtain a normal sex life again and go back to have a healthy relationship with yourself and partner.


Talk therapy is a common form of treatment for addiction. Other inpatient programs and outpatient programs may be used to help addicts stop their behavior once and for all, especially if their health is at risk.

If you think you’re a sex addict, talking to a professional counselor about your treatment options is the first step on the road to recovery.

Seeking treatment for sexual addiction can be embarrassing and frightening for a lot of people. While it can seem like the journey to a healthy sex life is going to be long and arduous, many people see significant changes in thoughts and moods shortly after starting treatment. As you change your behavior, you may find your new life more rewarding, which drives you further away from past thoughts or ideas about sex.

If you’re struggling with any type of sex addiction, reaching out for help is a smart thing to do. Professionals who understand the nature of sex addiction can guide you toward a path to a healthier life starting today.

Bondage Sex Is More Than Just Ropes, Handcuffs And Blindfolds

After the release and success of the movie Fifty shades of grey, more and more couples are talking about bondage sex. Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism, also known as BDSM involves role-playing and erotic practices. The participants, often couples, take up unequal roles with the consent of their partners and perform the act.

The roles are often distinguished by the terms, dominant and submissive. The dominant partner is the instigator of the sexual actions, and the submissive one is the receiver. Bondage sex takes place only when both the parties agree to participate.

During these practices, both the partners derive pleasure from it. It does include inflicting pain and being restrained, which could be uncomfortable for partners at first. Therefore, it is suggested that both the participants talk to each other about it and learn more about their fantasies. This will also help you and your partner enjoy performing the desired roles.

Types of Bondage Sex Role-plays

  • Bondage
  • Control
  • Cock and ball torture
  • Edgeplay
  • Erotic electrostimulation
  • Flogging
  • Medical play
  • Golden showers or urinating
  • Paraphilic infantilism
  • Sexual roleplay
  • Predicament bondage
  • Spanking
  • Torture
  • Tickle torture
  • Suspension
  • Wax play

Benefits Of Bondage Sex

There are numerous benefits of having bondage sex, and some of them are listed here:

Improves Communication: All those couples who indulge in bondage sex fare better than the ones who don’t, and tend to communicate well with each other. This is because they openly discuss their desires and roles. Use of bondage sex toys is completely safe during the act.

Increases Intimacy: Spending adventurous time in bed can increase your intimacy. Trying out new things and satisfying each other’s fantasy makes your love life even more interesting.

Encourages Loyalty: Bondage sex is an investment that the couples make. They put in their energy, trust and emotional space into this act. This keeps many couples away from cheating and polyamorous relationships.

Better Mental Health: Generally, people correlate bondage sex with rape, abuse or mental disorder. However, this is not the case. A study has show that participants who practiced bondage sex were more open, less neurotic, more aware and secure, mature enough to handle rejections, had overall secured well-being and relationship.

Not just mental health, it also helped them to improve their physical health. Their skin glowed, could sleep properly, felt rejuvenated, much more relaxed, energized, etc. You may never know what massaging, hugging, playing, having physical sex hand-holding can do to your physiological and physical problems. Thus, don’t be afraid and try bondage sex.

Reduces Psychological Stress: When you indulge into bondage sex, you get what satisfies you and all the acts that you’ve always longed for. This keep your mind occupied with all the good things and increases your cortisol levels, which in turn lowers your mental stress.

Reduces Anxiety: The experience of receiving and giving sexual pleasure can reduce anxiety to a large extent. The sexual pain inflicted during the pain becomes the much needed thing for orgasm and climax. Many studies have found that bondage sex is much better than yoga at times.

Having said that, don’t be afraid to try BDSM. It will only enhance your relationship.